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History of the passionfor chocolate

History of our company

Wedel is the oldest chocolate brand in Poland. Its products have been bringing pleasure to consumers for over 160 years. Emil Wedel was an unwavering optimist, who infected others with his attitude. Sweets bearing Wedel's name quickly won people's hearts and the business went into the hands of subsequent generations, which perfected the art of making chocolate.

  • 1851
  • 1872
  • 1874
  • 1923
  • 1926
  • 1932-1949
  • 1936
  • 1939-1944
  • 1949
  • 1991
  • 1999
  • 2010
  • 2012
  • 2014

Karol Wedel opens a confectioner’s shop and a craft workshop at Miodowa Street in Warsaw

Karol Wedel came to Poland from Berlin and in 1851, set up his own business in Warsaw.

In the tasteful interiors at Miodowa Street, Karol Wedel, accompanied by his wife, Karolina, served drinking chocolate. In addition to the sweet delicacies, ”Cukiernia E.Wedel” (E.Wedel Confectioner’s Shop) offered also pharmaceutical products: malt syrup, cough caramels and peppermint pastilles.

Wedel’s delicacies were highly popular among the local people, who visited the shop in crowds, tasting the interesting flavour compositions not yet known to them.

Emil Wedel receives Chocolate Factory as a wedding gift

Having already gained appropriate skills under the watchful eye of his father and after having practiced in the confectionery art in Paris for two years, Emil took control over the company in 1865.

Immediately after receiving the company as a wedding gift, Emil moved the factory to a tenement at Szpitalna Street in Warsaw, where a brand shop and an E.Wedel Chocolate Café ”Staroświecki Sklep” (Old-fashioned Shop) are located to this day.

Emil Wedel personally puts his signature on each bar of chocolate

Wedel’s chocolate was so popular that fakes began to appear quickly. In order to eliminate them from the market, Emil decided to affix a handwritten signature to each bar of chocolate.

With the passing of time, the E.Wedel signature became the identification of the brand and grew into its history so strongly that it successfully operates to this day, only in a slightly modified form.

Jan Wedel takes over the factory after his father, Emil

Emil, similarly as previously his father, Karol, also educated his son, Jan, so that one day he could take over the family heritage.

Emil and Jan Wedel jointly managed the company at Szpitalna Street since as early as 1912. The father trained his son to become his worthy successor.

Finally, Jan took over the heritage in 1923, when both of his parents were already dead.

In 1932, the company ”Emil Wedel i Syn” (Emil Wedel and Son) transformed into ”Fabryka Czekolady E.Wedel, Spółka Akcyjna” (E.Wedel Chocolate Factory).

A boy on a zebra

A boy on a zebra - Jan Wedel, heir to a family company engaged in the production of sweets E. Wedel, commissioned the preparation of the symbol of the company. He invited Leonetto Capiello, a popular poster artist, author of caricatures and commercials, also a painter, working in Paris. Nowadays, this artist is often called the "father of modern advertising" because of his innovative approach to posters. He was the first poster artist to use expressive characters emerging from a black background.

The Golden Age of E.Wedel Chocolate Factory

In 1931, Jan Wedel moved the factory to Zamoyski Street in Warsaw.

Construction of the new factory stirred many emotions among the citizens of Warsaw. For Jan, however, the changes were necessary — he imported the most up-to-date machinery for the manufature of hard and aerated chocolate as well as the first equipment for wrapping caramels in shiny wrappings in Poland

The factory operates at Zamoyski Street in Warsaw to this date.

Jan Wedel modernised the logistics department of his factories: during this term, cars with the inscription ”E.Wedel” and a characteristic bar of chocolate were purchased, as well as an RWD–13 airplane which promoted the Wedel sweets while flying over the Polish coast.

Additionally, Jan began employing women for the manufacture of chocolate and increased the factory’s overall employment fivefold. He also ensured excellent welfare conditions, inter alia, dentist, pre-school and holiday trips for the employees’ families.

Production of Ptasie Mleczko® marshmallows takes off

Jan Wedel, inspired by his travel around France, decided to begin the manufacture of marshmallows covered in original Wedel chocolate.

This was an innovative product with a surprising taste, which turned out a great success.

Ptasie Mleczko® is Wedel’s flagship product, which to date delights Polish palates and has been awarded many times for its taste and quality.

Chocolate Factory during World War II

The factory operated during the siege of Warsaw, and was ordered to manufacture chocolate only for the Germans.

However, Jan Wedel secretly organised educational courses and served meals for the local people.

After surrender of Warsaw, Jan Wedel was arrested and transported to the camp in Pruszków.

The factory’s employees prudently bricked in part of the products in the factory, so as to protect them from German inventorying.

In September 1944, the remaining factory’s possessions were stolen by the Russian army.

Zakłady Przemysłu Cukierniczego im. 22 lipca d. E.Wedel

The factory and subsequent brand shops in Warsaw and other Polish cities, inter alia, in Łódź, Gdynia, Zakopane, Ciechocinek, as well as Lviv, Vilnius, or Paris remained the property of the Wedel family as long as until 1949.

After the end of war, Jan Wedel worked as an advisor in his factory for a short period. However, he was forced to leave after a few months. He died in 1960

In 1949, the Factory changed its name to Zakłady Przemysłu Cukierniczego im. 22 lipca d. E.Wedel (22nd July Confectionery Industry Factory, prev. E.Wedel).

PEPSICO purchases 40% of Wedel’s shares

In 1989, transformation began and the long-awaited changes and the period of privatisation of Polish companies started.

Nestle began to be interested in the factories, but in the end it was the American PepsiCo that purchased the shares.

However, it turned out quite quickly that the investment was not entirely in line with the development strategy of the PepsiCo concern, which decided to divide and sell the factories.

Wedel becomes the property of Cadbury Schweppes

In 1999, the manufacturer of sweets, PepsiCo’s Syrena factory in Warsaw was sold to the Finnish Leaf, the chocolate part was purchased by a British brand, Cadbury Schweppes, while the cookie factory in Płońsk became the property of the French Danone.

LOTTE Group – new chapter in the history of Wedel

Entrepreneurship, leadership and cooperation in strengthening the Wedel Brand are crucial to LOTTE Wedel. We choose new directions for our development which are aimed at highlighting the brand’s tradition, high-quality products, uniqueness and focus on the customer.

In Wedel, it is the people that matter: their creativity and readiness to take up new challenges. LOTTE Wedel wishes to continue the work of the Wedels and influence people by cooperating with them.

LOTTE Wedel bears in mind that a long-time success and the brand’s strength are built upon the dedication of the people who create it.

Wedel brand is the first National Sponsor of UEFA EURO 2012 European Championships

In March 2011, Wedel became the first National Sponsor of UEFA Euro 2012TM.

All actions relating to this prestigious event aimed at bringing a smile to the faces of European Football Championships participants. Wedel accompanied all fans, with its products as well as with all activities connected with EURO 2012.

Wedel confectioners created a chocolate sculpture of the National Stadium, for which they used 400 kilograms of chocolate.

Wedel products gain new markets

Wedel products are gaining more and more fans abroad with perspectives to expand on new markets. Anticipating customer expectations, we continue to widen our portfolio, with international availability as one of the focus areas. We already export our products to over 50 countries worldwide, but USA, Canada and UK are currently key markets


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If you have any questions regarding our Chocolate Lounges, please contact kontakt@wedelpijalnie.pl.

Recognition of our products

Certificates and awards


High quality is part of our philosophy. The production processes are strictly regulated and certified.


Check our progres at: rspo.org



ISO 9001 2008



If you have more questions about ingredients or certificates, please contact us at export@wedel.pl.


Why not give you even more reasons to like Wedel brand? Here you can find our latest success stories and most awarded products.

  • Golden Receipt - The Polish Merchants Award

    Golden Receipt - The Polish Merchants Award

    Golden Receipt - The Polish Merchants Award
    - First place and Golden Receipt in the Chocolate Bars category for Classic Bitter Chocolate 64%
    - Distinction in the Pralines and chocolate boxes category for Ptasie Mleczko® Waniliowe foams
    - Distinction in the category of pre-packaged chocolate products for Mieszanka Wedlowska
    - The title "Personality of the FMCG Sector" and the Golden Receipt 2019 for Maciej Herman

    Golden Innovation FMCG 2020 & Retail

    Golden Innovation FMCG 2020 & Retail

    Golden innovation in the "Response to needs" group in the Sweets and Snacks category for the Ptasie Mleczko® MINI marshmallow line



    Is a prestigious award granted in over 80 countries worldwide by the so-called Brand Council, on the basis of the criteria of recognisability and distinctiveness of the brand’s image, uniqueness of the benefits offered, its constant development, as well as active building of relations with customers.

    Since 2004, LOTTE Wedel has been continuously been awarded with statuettes in The strongest Polish brand and Polish consumer brands categories (in total: 9), it was also awarded for such products as Ptasie Mleczko®, Torcik Wedlowski or Mieszanka Wedlowska on numerous occasions.

  • European Trusted Brand

    European Trusted Brand

    European Trusted Brands is one of the most wide-ranging consumer surveys in Europe, conducted by Reader's Digest. Within the survey, over 27,000 respondents from 15 different countries have nominated brands that they find the most trustworthy.

    Since 2001, LOTTE Wedel has been awarded 12 statuettes in the categories of Sweets, Cakes/Desserts and Polish consumer brands, upholding the status of a well-known and trustworthy brand.

    Perły Rynku FMCG
    (FMCG Market Pearl Prize)

    Perły Rynku FMCG
    (FMCG Market Pearl Prize)

    The largest, independent trade contest, organised by the publisher of “Wiadomości handlowe” magazine, in which retailers select the best market novelties.

    Since 2008, LOTTE Wedel has been granted 8 “pearls”, 3 honourable mentions as well as a gold and a silver medal. The awarded products include Ptasie Mleczko®, Bajeczny and Pierrot chocolates and Pawełek chocolate bars.

    Premium Brand

    Premium Brand

    This is an award granted to brands, companies and stock-listed companies on the basis of professional research conducted by credible institutions.

    Since 2006, Wedel brand won as many as 11 statuettes in such categories as Highest reputation brand, Food products, The brand of highest social trust and The most recommended brand.

  • Ranking of Rzeczpospolita

    Ranking of Rzeczpospolita

    The annual ranking of the Rzeczpospolita magazine awards the most valuable and the strongest brands operating on the Polish market.

    LOTTE Wedel may pride itself with having won 11 statuettes since 2001, the majority of which have fallen into The most valuable/the strongest Polish brand categories, while 3 have been awarded in the category of Sweets and ice-cream.

    Monde Selection

    Monde Selection

    Is an award granted by the oldest institution dealing with research on product quality, design and taste in the world – Monde Selection Institute for Quality.

    In 2013, LOTTE Wedel was awarded two silver prizes for its chocolates Maestria – Maestria Extra Dark and Maestria Dark Chocolate with small pieces of raspberry.

    Hit Handlu (Trade Hit)

    Hit Handlu (Trade Hit)

    Is an award granted to the best of the best – among the brands nominated by Nielsen Research Institute as the best-selling products of FMCG, the readers of the monthly magazine Handel select the one which sells best in their shops.

    In total, LOTTE Wedel has won 5 statuettes in 2012–2015 for Czekolada Gorzka and Czekolada Mleczna in the categories of Chocolates and Chocolate Bars, as well as in the Pralines category for Ptasie Mleczko®.

  • Teraz Polska (Poland Now)

    Teraz Polska (Poland Now)

    The “Teraz Polska” emblem is awarded to the best products and services offered on the Polish market, which – owing to their high quality – can set the example for other products.

    Torcik Waflowy won the statuette of the Polish Promotional Emblem “Teraz Polska” in 1993.

    Art of Packing

    Art of Packing

    This award may be granted to each manufacturer whose products are manufactured in Poland and their packaging satisfies the taste of consumers in terms of innovativeness and creative design.

    In 2011, the packaging of Lalibelle was awarded a statuette in the Tasteful packaging category.

    Reader's Digest

    Reader's Digest

    On a yearly basis, the readers of the Reader’s Digest magazine assess which brands have been chosen and bought most often within the last 12 months.

    In 2010 and 2011, Wedel brand was selected the product of the year in the Sweets category.

  • Idea Awards

    Idea Awards

    International Design Excellence Awards is the only contest that grants awards to advertisers and marketers, i.e. those, who decide in what form a marketing campaign sees the light of the day.

    Wedel was granted the Złota Idea award in 2009 in the category of Products and services/television.

    Lider Forum (Forum Leader)

    Lider Forum (Forum Leader)

    The contest organised by the publisher of the “Słodko-Słone” magazine, awarding the best food products in Poland.

    Wedel brand won two statuettes – in 2006 and 2007 – for Ptasie Mleczko® in the category Chocolates, pralines and marshmallows, as well as for strawberry Czekolada Mleczna in the category of Chocolates.