E.Wedel at Thaifex 2024


Thaifex – Anuga Asia, one of the most prominent food and beverage trade shows in the Asia-Pacific region, offers a unique platform for global and regional brands to showcase their products, innovations, and heritage. Among over 3,000 participants from 52 countries, E. Wedel, Poland's oldest chocolate brand, made a significant impact at the event, highlighting its rich history, diverse product range, and commitment to quality.

E.Wedel at Thaifex Anuga Asia 2024

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This article delves into E.Wedel's participation at Thaifex - Anuga Asia with 85.850 visitors, emphasizing the brand's strategic objectives, the reception of its products, and its future prospects in the Asian market.

A legacy of excellence

Established in 1851, E. Wedel has become synonymous with premium quality and delicious chocolate in Poland. The brand's legacy is built on a foundation of traditional recipes, artisanal craftsmanship, and a continuous drive for innovation. Participation in Thaifex provided E.Wedel with an opportunity to not only introduce its products to a broader audience but also to demonstrate its commitment to maintaining high standards in a competitive market.

Strategic objectives

E.Wedel at Thaifex Anuga Asia 2024E.Wedel's participation in Thaifex was driven by several strategic objectives. Entering the Asian market is a significant move for any European brand. For E.Wedel, Thaifex was an ideal platform to explore potential business opportunities and establish connections with distributors and retailers in the region.

Despite its established presence in Europe, E.Wedel is relatively new to many Asian consumers. The trade show offered a chance to build brand awareness and educate attendees about E.Wedel's heritage and product offerings.

Thaifex provided E.Wedel with the stage to showcase its diverse range of products, including classic chocolates, pralines, and innovative new offerings like Snack chocolate for youths or Nadziana – allure chocolate available in mild and dark variants. Highlighting both traditional and contemporary products helped attract a wide array of potential customers and partners.

Engaging with industry professionals, potential partners, and other exhibitors was crucial for E.Wedel to understand market dynamics, consumer preferences, and emerging trends in the Asian food and beverage sector.

At Thaifex, E.Wedel presented an impressive array of products that reflected both its traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation. E.Wedel's iconic chocolate bars, known for their rich taste and smooth texture, were a major attraction. Flavors such as milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and nut-filled varieties were well-received by attendees.

Presenting its expertise in confectionery, E.Wedel presented a selection of pralines like Ptasie Mleczko®,  Happy Barrels or Nadziana Milk chocolate with filling and Nadziana Dark chocolate with filling, produced with meticulous attention to detail. These products highlighted the brand's commitment to quality and luxury.

In line with global trends, E.Wedel introduced innovative products such as chocolate with unique flavor infusions - Snack chocolate: Cola, Lemon Sour, Salty, Popcorn and Bubble Gum.

E.Wedel also presented a range of special, seasonal editions that demonstrated E.Wedel's versatility and ability to cater to diverse consumer preferences and occasions.

Reception and feedback

The reception to E.Wedel's products at Thaifex was overwhelmingly positive. Visitors to the booth were impressed by the quality, flavor, and presentation of the chocolates. Feedback highlighted the appreciation for E.Wedel's ability to blend traditional techniques with modern tastes, creating a unique product that appeals to a wide audience.

Future prospects

E.Wedel's successful participation at Thaifex has paved the way for further expansion into the Asian market. The brand plans to leverage the connections made during the event to establish distribution channels and retail partnerships across the region. Participation in Thaifex – Anuga Asia marked a significant milestone for E.Wedel, as it ventured into the dynamic and diverse Asian market. The trade show provided an invaluable platform for E.Wedel to present its products, build brand awareness, and establish key industry connections. With its rich heritage, commitment to quality, and innovative spirit, E.Wedel is well-positioned to make a lasting impression on Asian consumers and expand its global footprint.