Sunflower oil statement


Dear Consumers,

in the face of the ongoing war in Ukraine and its economic consequences the food industry has to address the challenge of ensuring the continuity of production. This is due to the shortage of some raw materials, including sunflower oil, which were supplied by Ukrainian producers in 80%.

Due to the shortage of sunflower oil around the world, many companies, including Lotte Wedel, have decided to introduce raw material optimization in order to fulfilling current orders.

That is why, in selected E.Wedel products containing wafers, sunflower oil was replaced with rapeseed oil. Information about this change will be displayed on the packaging - an additional code X1 appear next to the use-by date. This marking will only be visible on products where sunflower oil has been replaced with  rapeseed oil. Importantly, the above change will not affect the quality and taste of the product.

E.Wedel company constantly supports Ukraine and its citizens. On account of the war, the most important thing for us is the safety of our Ukrainian employees, partners and their families.

We believe that the situation in this country will stabilize soon. We monitor reports related to the availability of raw materials on an ongoing basis and we will keep consumers informed about any changes.